Our Mission

East New York Reads is a partnership of literacy organizations working with families, schools, and the surrounding community to ensure that children start school ready to read and stay on track for academic success.

Originated by The Pinkerton Foundation

The Pinkerton Foundation supports community-based programs for children, youth and families in economically disadvantaged areas in New York City. Although the foundation considers a wide range of youth development initiatives, Pinkerton favors direct-service programs that have one overriding goal: to help young people reach their full potential. With that in mind, the foundation looks for groups with capable leadership, high expectations, well-defined goals and active, engaged participants. The Pinkerton Foundation is proud to support the work of East New York Reads.

NYC Literacy Network

The NYC Literacy Network is a partnership of 10 literacy and education organizations who serve the needs of New York City children and families throughout the five boroughs . The collaborative works to provide a continuum of literacy support services for children, birth to Grade 5. Together, the network engages families, schools, and the community around promoting, achieving, and sustaining childhood literacy success.  East New York Reads is a pilot program of the NYC Literacy Network.

Creating Literacy Rich Communities

Working in partnership to create an effective model for collaboration, East New York Reads uses a system of mutually reinforcement activities that benefit children’s reading development and family engagement around literacy.

Our Partners

Birth – 5 Years

  • Work with families to establish daily reading routines
  • Connect families to literacy resources in the community
  • Collaborate with early childcare providers to support reading readiness

K – 2nd Grade

  • Administer literacy intervention services during school, after school, and during summer recess
  • Provide parent engagement programs to support literacy learning
  • Deliver family literacy enrichment programs in the community

3rd – 5th Grade

  • Maintain grade level reading during school, after school, and during summer recess
  • Engage families to continue literacy learning support outside of school
  • Connect families to community resources that build literacy success

Neighborhood Literacy Initiative

The Neighborhood Literacy Initiative focuses on three high-need New York City communities.

South Jamaica, Queens | Click Here to visit website
Cypress Hills, East New York 

These pilot projects will provide a continuum of programs and services provided by network members, and program enhancements that address identified needs and gaps in service.
The Neighborhood Literacy Initiative is bolstered by partnerships with local community-based organizations, and coordinated outreach and advocacy targeting families in the neighborhood.